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Publisher's description

TrueSizer is a universal file conversion tool offering full compatibility between industrial and domestic embroidery file formats, as well as full design scalability.

Main features:
- Open native Wilcom EMB files
- Read and convert many popular industrial and home expanded/condensed file formats
- View designs in TrueView and normal stitch view
- Scale designs
- Email EMB files direct
- Print out production worksheets
- Make sales presentations and sales printouts
- Save designs in Wilcom EMB format
- Save designs in many industrial and home expanded machine formats
- Output to embroidery disk


- CPU Pentium III (500MHz) or higher
- Operating System Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP2 and Windows 7
- Memory 512 MB (more if running multiple applications)
- Hard Disk Size 8 GB
- Free Disk Space 1GB after installation (non doubled-spaced)
- Graphics Card Support for Higher Color (16-bit) and high resolution - at least 1024 X 768
- Monitor 15" at 1024 X 768
- Mouse Windows compatible

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